Saturday, March 14, 2015

Into the Woods

My dad, my little guy, and I went to a quadcopter class today. The two of them know a lot as they fly one fairly often. I know just the teeniest tad as I usually just chauffeur them around to the flying locations, though I'd piloted briefly a couple of times.

Well, today before they let us fly they mentioned that they knew that most of us were just learning and crashes might happen. Oh, and that trees tend to not move out of the way if your quadcopter is heading right at them. Truth.

After all the safety and info talk I finally worked with an actual instructor who took me through the process of turning it on, calibrating the compass, getting it up in the air, doing a few jazzy things like making it fly in a circle shape, and then landing.

And while the woods were right there and I could tell that the quadcopter gods were seriously thinking of sending me into its depths, my instructor only had to say something once.

"Don't forget about the pole with the transformer you're heading towards!"

I didn't hit it, happily, and good times were had by all.

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  1. HI kali. Great painting. Do you know anything about ArtPal?? And keep churning out those little tree paintings. Theay re cute!!!!!

    1. Hey, Rafael. I hadn't heard of ArtPal. I have some things available on Zazzle.

      I'm loving doing the trees. I think I want to do a series of birds, flowers, and not sure what else right now.

      I found my watercolor pencils last night so I think I'll give them a try soon. I'm glad you sparked my interest in them again a little while back.

      Have a lovely day!!!