Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Fall

It's funny what we remember.

I have such clear memories of an event that happened when I was in elementary school. I was eating my tray lunch in the cafeteria. I wanted to drink some of my milk, so I picked it up and gave the container a shake, as was my routine. Only thing is, I had already shaken it and opened it, so milk went everywhere. Particularly on the little girl sitting next to me. I was mortified. She was mortified. Gosh, I've never, ever forgotten it and have actually felt bad for that little girl from time to time.

So when I was sitting in the cafeteria at the school where I work and one of my students picked up their milk, gave it a little shake, and chocolate milk splattered all over me, I was startled and then so, so happy. My student looked at me wide-eyed waiting for my reaction.

Me: "Would you mind getting me a napkin?" I said as I smiled.

He did. And I wiped my hair and my shirt and the table and said, "I know that was an accident." And he returned my smile.

My milk karma is officially clean. I feel so much better!

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  1. I think this is my favorite story of all time! I'm glad your milk karma was returned to you too =D

    1. It's a lovely thing when the universe goes full circle and works itself out. :-)