Sunday, March 8, 2015

Save a Tree

I'm sure you all have canvas or some sort of other reusable bag for taking to the stores, right? Most of mine were either given to me or I purchased for three dollars max. Well, this morning this happened.

Trader Joe's checker: "This is the bag I want."

Trader Joe's bagger: "That's the one everyone wants."

Me: "That bag?"

Trader Joe's checker: "It's the perfect shape and they don't make them any more."

Trader Joe's bagger: "I've seen them for sale on Craig's List for $35."

Me: "People are nutty."

Saving a tree suddenly seems like it may ned to be part of my retirement plan.

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  1. Excellent idea!!! A tree series. Do you mind If I do the same?????Rafael.

    1. That would be so great, Rafael! Yes, do the same!!! What fun!