Monday, March 9, 2015

Summer Lovin'

The latest in my tree series. I do adore a tree sporting all its big beautiful summer leaves!

And a wee tale I just got to share...I've got one of those names that most folks find particularly challenging. If I spell it for someone then they're never able to pronounce it correctly. If I pronounce it for someone they're never able to spell it correctly. But something truly incredible happened. I was at a store purchasing some things for my classroom...compliments of our amazing PTA...and I spelled my name for the checker. I had a feeling that my name was about to be Texanized, but I got a great surprise. A lady behind the checker looked at my name and then said, "Kali, we're going to have to put a couple of these things on order." And she said my name perfectly!!! This is a big deal for a girl who was never able to find any of that awesome personalized stuff like keychains, bicycle license plates, and pencils as a kid. A BIG DEAL, I say.

If they'd had a tip jar I would have dropped some cash in it!

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