Saturday, March 28, 2015

Houses of Love

I make mom threats. It's true. And a lot of them are empty. You know how it goes. And here is one of my biggest ones.

Me: "You need to put all your clean clothes in drawers, not on the floor or in a pile on top of the chest, or I'm going to stop doing your laundry!!!"

And their clean clothes just kept right on not being in their drawers and I kept right on cleaning 'em.

But something has happened lately. My big guy has started doing all of his own laundry. And it's not like he's just throwing it in the washer and leaving it there (instead of not in his drawers) for days on end. Nope, he's staying on top of it, switching it to the dryer, and then taking it to his room. It's awesome!

Now just when I'm starting to think, "Hey, responsible wonderful kid, stay a while longer," he's getting set to move out.

And the words, "I'm not going to come home to do my laundry because I'll have machines in my apartment," make me just a bit misty.

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