Saturday, May 9, 2015

Comfortable in her Skin

This is my latest project for the fabulous art class I'm taking. I love how this class continues to push me out of my comfort zone, though this lovely lady is clearly comfortable in her skin. And just in case you're wondering, the hands and feet were left off intentionally. I figure that'll be part of a future lesson that will surely continue to push me in delightful directions.

And, speaking of being out of my comfort zone, today was the first of four days of an open studio tour that Dave and I are part of. I'm not a particularly social person so this was a bit nervous making, but it was so amazing and wonderful. I had at least a hundred pieces of art displayed or in files and Dave had a bunch of photos, and we had folks streaming in and out all day. What a lovely day of talking about and sharing our art. And some wonderful sales, too! Thank you to all of you who support our art!

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  1. Love your figure painting, Kali! Beautiful job. Hope you take some photos of your studio. And I trust your sales will continue!

    1. My studio is actually my living room. We have a small house and until one of my kids moves out (August!!!) I work on the kitchen table. Soon I'll have an entire room! I did take pics of my art being displayed. It's been a great day and the sales continued today. I'm feeling like a "real" artist!! :-) And thank you for your comments on my painting!