Thursday, May 28, 2015

Three Times the Love

So here was the little guy's plan for tonight.

5:30 - Workout at the gym with mom.

6:30 - Go shopping a the thrift store.

7:00 - Go back to the gym for a second workout.

8:00 - Go to Target.

8:30 - Go back to the gym for, yes, a third workout.

Now while the kid gets major points for both working out with his mom (me) and for wanting to go thrifting, I'm choosing to be a total spoil sport and here is the plan that I say I'm willing to do.

6:30 - Go shopping at the thrift store.

7:30 - Workout at the gym with mom.

Little guy: "OK, I think a light workout is good tonight."

An hour workout is a "light" workout. Being 48 is so different than being 16.

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