Friday, May 15, 2015

For the Love of Art

As most of you know I've been taking an online course from the amazing Pauline Agnew. Not only is she a fabulous artist, but she is also a truly gifted teacher. From the beginning she expected and knew that her students would "go for it". This was a perfect fit for me because while I was entering totally new territory I committed to myself that I'd not have any negative self talk throughout the entire process. And I did just that...and I went for it. Pauline's critiques of my works were honest, constructive, and encouraging and I've produced work that resides on an entirely different plane than that of my previous work (the painting with this blog post is not one of my new pieces, look to previous posts to see some, they are clearly identifiable).

Thank you, lovely Pauline, for your wisdom, caring, talent, patience, and love. And thank you, my fellow talented students, for your kind and loving support.

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