Tuesday, May 19, 2015


So I figure I've got a pretty darn happy marriage when pretty much the biggest thing we fight about is jelly. Yes, jelly.

You see, this past weekend I rediscovered peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. This is something that occurs about every five years or so. And, by golly, last weekend when I had folks here all day both days for WEST I was all in for a quick bite. But...I wound up eating the last bit of Dave's precious grape jelly.

Dave: "You ate all my jelly!"

Me: "Your jelly? I bought it."

Dave: "It's my jelly."

Me: "I'll buy more."

And now we have two jars of grape jelly. Perhaps I'll mark them "his" and "hers".

Here's my second piece inspired by Joan MirĂ³. Tomorrow I'll create one inspired by him and less "just like" his. Today's and yesterday's pieces were warm-ups for tomorrow's.

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  1. Great story, and this painting - what fun!

    1. :-) I find that taking classes really inspires me to do new things. This was FUN! So was the one I just finished. Good times!