Friday, May 22, 2015


There's so much new construction in this city of ours. Dave will take a picture of downtown and it's littered with cranes here and there...and then he'll take another one a month later and the skyline has changed with the addition of buildings. And bringing it right close to home, a house was torn down two doors away and a new house is being constructed and then on the other side of us a house is about to be torn down and two are going to built where it now sits. 

About twelve years or so ago this would have thrilled my little guy to no end. He LOVED construction and everything about it. 

He even named us construction truck names! 

Yup, yours truly was "Mommy Dump Truck".

Dave was "Daddy Crane".

Big guy was "Backhoe".

And the little guy named himself "Bulldozer". It suited him perfectly.

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    1. Thanks! I started playing with one of my palettes and liked it so much I decided not to paint any more over it. :-) And so thankful for my kids for always being so cute and funny.