Monday, January 25, 2016

A Flower Child

Dave and I went out for Sushi tonight. Everything was AMAZING! What was also amazing was the brussels sprouts the guy next to me (we sat at the bar) was eating.

Me: "Those look wonderful. Where are they on the menu?"

He showed me.

Me: "Are they sweet?"

Guy: "Not really. You should try them."

Me: "Oh, no, I'll just get them next time."

Guy: "No, really, try them." And he pushed his bowl to me.

So I tried them.


And that marked the first time I've ever tasted a stranger's food at a restaurant. I think I may need to make a habit of it!

I had some time over the weekend after I did the "Collaboration" piece with Dave so I tried another one, only this time I tried to collaborate with myself. I'd paint it as a serious artist, then I'd go all fun and wacky, then I'd go all serious again. Over and over. It was almost as much fun as painting with Dave. Almost. I think I'll likely do another one and let the fun and wacky side get the last word.

"A Flower Girl"
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  1. Collaborate with yourself - only the original YOU would think of that, Kali! Absolutely LOVE this painting! You are really skillful in moving that color around!!

    1. I am living an inspired life these days. Loving the wisdom others have to share. xoxo