Monday, January 4, 2016

"Be Present"

I've started taking a year-long online art class and just finished my first piece (instructor Tamara LaPorte). I love how life events just seem to work together perfectly. We spent the weekend watching Star Wars Episodes I, II, and III. Dave, it turns out, had pretty much no Star Wars knowledge, or interest in it for that matter, and we thought it was time for a Star Wars intervention. I was able to borrow all six DVDs from a friend, and our family and two of my kid's friends settled in to do some serious watching.

I had started working on my painting and was working on coming up with some words that spoke to me. "Be Present" was a no brainer. It popped right into my head because I know that I'm oh, so distractible at times and sometimes have a hard time paying attention to what is the most important of two or three things. As I watched the movies (I don't remember which one), one of the Jedi said, "Be mindful of the moment." Yes, that!

Anyway, here is "Be Present".

"Be Present"
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  1. Sounds like a Yoda-ism, but I can't remember either.

    Love your first piece in Tam's class. Won't it be fun looking at pics of all of the pieces at the end of the year to see the direction your art has taken!

  2. It wasn't Yoda, that's why I couldn't remember who. I'd remember him. :-) It's Buddha at its roots for sure. I'm excited to see this body of work at the end of the year. I hope to sell some of the originals, but I may put reproductions in a book. A one off just for me.