Thursday, January 14, 2016


My kid, he's so creative. 

Little guy: "Make me food." Seriously, I did teach him how to ask nicely when he was a really little guy.

Me: "Make your own food." I put my earbuds in and continued listening to a podcast I'd started earlier.

Well, that little guy of mine picked up my phone and basically lead me by my earbud cable "leash" to the refrigerator. 

He gets points for creativity, but I have to say that he bombed on the mom making him something to eat part and he went ahead and nuked himself some queso.

This painting is part of the class I'm taking. The dragonfly (or maybe it's a butterfly, you decide) is leaving behind things/feelings/etc. that I'm letting go of and the sun is filled with what I want 2016 to be welcoming in. Most of the writing is illegible. That's by design. 

I love doing zentangles, though I rarely do them. Such a wonderful process, all of it! 

This painting is part of a year-long online art class (instructor Tamara LaPorte). 

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