Friday, January 1, 2016

"She is Stardust" Part 6

Our little cat, Tommy, has taken to hanging out in our basket of cloth napkins when he naps...which is a lot. I saw that Michael's had baskets on sale so I dashed over and bought a couple of them figuring that our big cat, Pug, would want one, too. I purchased two rectangular baskets that were bigger than our napkin basket, and I set them on the table with a soft towel in each and waited.

Pug was the first to check them out and soon he was snoozing. Tommy, on the other hand, thought I'd brought in something made of pure evil and he'd have absolutely nothing to do with it.

We kept putting Tommy in a basket and scratching and petting him just like he likes, but as soon as we stopped he'd waste no time getting outa the basket.

I even tried lining the new basket with napkins thinking that would work. But, no.

So now our napkins live in a big basket and we've officially given Tommy the smaller, formerly napkin holding, basket.

I finished working on this painting. I was so close to being finished last night, I just ran out of time. Here it is.

"She is Stardust"
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