Wednesday, January 6, 2016


When I was little I stumbled upon a baby opossum. Literally, I stumbled upon it. It was directly in my path. We took this scared little one home, found out all there was to know about rehabilitating it, and I proceeded to love it with all my heart. I was asked to find an animal that would accompany me on my art journey this year and since opossums are my favorite animal and I find so much wonder in them, it was such an easy choice. I think they're so clever, resourceful, beautiful to behold, and utterly and completely misunderstood. 

I painted this opossum on the girl's shoulder (she represents me...makes me miss when I had blue hair in my early twenties and was nicknamed "Smurfette"). Like this opossum, my opossums (yes, I had two during my childhood) spent a crazy wonderful amount of time riding around on my shoulder. They'd hang out there during chores, while I practiced french horn, and as I read chapter after chapter of my Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazines. 

So off on this artistic adventure we go, my opossum on my shoulder and all our art supplies strapped across my back. 

This painting is part of a year-long online art class (instructor Tamara LaPorte). 

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  1. Aw, one of your sweetest stories (hope you're saving it for your book). Lovely, lovely painting - there's something in it to resonate with everyone! Looks like Tam is bringing out the best in you, Kali!!

    1. I've actually got a draft of a picture book I've written featuring an opossum baby. :-) Tam is a wonderful teacher! And thank you!