Saturday, January 2, 2016

"Daddy's Girl"

Today marks a transition to a new way of blogging for a year. I'm starting a year-long class and will be creating approximately one painting per week. For a while now I've been posting the stages of my paintings and I've absolutely loved doing that, but this year I'll just be sharing my completed pieces. This means I'll be posting about once a week. Rest assured that I'll still be painting every single day.

I've already started in on my first lesson with this class and hope to share my finished painting in the next few days. is the last painting with all its stages that I'll be posting for a while. I was commissioned to paint this sweet picture of a father and daughter whom I adore. What an absolute honor it was. Here's the finished piece and a number of stages below.

"Daddy's Girl"


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  1. Daddy and his girl must both be thrilled with the painting! Best of luck with Life Book. Can't wait to hear all about it and see where it takes you!!

    1. I received a lovely note from the dad in the painting. He is super happy. :-) And I just finished my first project from Tam's class. About to post it.