Thursday, December 31, 2015

"She is Stardust" Part 5

I don't do resolutions. I figure if I want to change a behavior or adopt a new one that that very day is the perfect time to start. So when I'm asked what my resolutions are, which I always am, I come up blank. But today when I was visiting my mom she came up with a new way of asking generally the same thing. "Do you have any big plans for next year?" Or something like that, anyway. I was super excited to say that I am about to start a year long online art class. There will be fifty-two lessons by a number of amazing artist teachers. Each Monday a new class will be released. I'm so looking forward to sharing my creations.

I continued working on this piece. It was a super busy day and I've got plans this evening so I had to stop before I completely finished. I'm on the cusp of being done.

Happy New Year, everyone! And thank you for joining me on my art journey! More fun and whimsy to come!

I painted another layer of black on the background.

I added some white highlights on her right
side. I also added a halo to the stars. I realized
that with the addition of the stars on her right
I needed to change which side of her face was
in shadow so I worked on that as well.
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