Monday, July 21, 2014

A Quick Change

I had a long list of "never do"s today...that I did.

- wear ironed clothes
- make-up on
- hair held in place with hairspray
- addition of one bobbypin

I'm usually wrinkled, pale, and out-of-control frizzy.  But since I had an audition I decided to put my best professional foot forward.  Just as I was leaving I went to my little guy's room to say, "Bye."

Little guy:  just staring at me, saying nothing.

Me:  "Do I look like myself?"

Little guy:  "ish"

And off I went.  And then I came back.  And within five minutes of getting home I was my wrinkled, pale, out-of-control frizzy...and very happy...self.

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