Thursday, July 3, 2014

Grackles Rock!

I really like grackles.  I know they're the scroungy rats of the bird population, even lower on the totem pole than pigeons, but I think they're pretty awesome.  They're scrappy, they're resourceful, and they keep on truckin'.  Case in point, the grackle I saw the other day with only one foot.  He was the most adorable peg leg ever.  And that bird was fast!

While I usually see grackles that look like they're a bit rode hard, a bit ravaged by time, I saw two today that look like they have managed to live their lives in the lap of luxury.  As I leaned back against the edge of a pool with my little guy, two grackles landed at the pool's edge, and proceeded to take the most spectacular bath.  They dipped in.  They splashed a bit.  They puffed out all their feathers in the most adorable way.  Those grackles were livin' large!

And then one landed right beside me.  It had a pretzel stick in its mouth.  It dipped that pretzel stick in the pool as any kid would dip an Oreo in a glass of milk, and gobbled down his moistened treat.

Grackles rock!

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