Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Up, Down, and All Around

I generally like to blog about things that make my day, but today I'm feeling particularly generous, so I'm blogging about something that made my kid's day...though decidedly not my own.

Late last night I was letting one of our dogs out to do her business. 

Me:  "Scout, come on back!"

And she ignored me.  She does that.  I'm convinced that it's selective hearing.  But while waited for just a moment before deciding to close the door, a BIG cockroach scurried in.  Our kitten, Tommy, who is an amazing cockroach killer batted it...and it disappeared.  Tommy and I looked up.  We looked down.  We looked all around.  And then I felt something in my hair.

Me:  "Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!"

I swatted it out of my hair, Tommy pounced on it, and that cockroach met its maker.

Then Scout showed up at the door ready to come in.

And then I realized that even though I'd screamed, no one had bothered to come check up on me.  So I went to the kid's room.

Little guy:  "Yeah, I heard you scream and wondered why.  And that's so awesome about the cockroach!"

I love making someone else's day!

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