Saturday, July 26, 2014

Up All Night

At about 6:45 this morning my little guy came in our carport door.  He'd spent the night at a friend's house and I'd expected to go pick him up around 9:00 as we had plans at 10:00.

Me:  "Gosh, you're up early."

Little guy:  "Not up early...still up from yesterday," he beamed at me.

Me:  "You've been up all night?"

Little guy:  "Yup.  And I feel great!"

Me:  "I still expect you to do what we planned."

Little guy:  "I know.  I'll just stay up through then."

Me:  "No, you won't."

And within fifteen minutes that guy was asleep...of course.

I'm sort of nice so I let him sleep till 9:00 at which time I made him take a shower and get moving.

Showered - then fell asleep.

Got clean clothes out - then fell asleep.

Got half way dressed - then fell asleep.

Sat at the table - then fell asleep.

Got in the car - then fell asleep.

I shook his leg to wake him up - "Awesome!" he yelled in his sleep.

Way to rock sleep-deprived dreamland, little dude!

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