Sunday, July 20, 2014

Twin Sisters

This afternoon we took Hazel, our big dog, to meet her sister.  They hadn't seen each other since they were about two months old.  And there's a pretty darn cool, small world story behind all of this.

Dave, as is his style with new family dogs, showed up one evening with the cutest ball of black fur ever (and to be totally honest here, we had talked about getting another dog at some point, just not when).  I was instantly in love, of course, and proceeded to take tons of photos of this sweet little one and put them on facebook.  Not long after that, a friend from high school was posting very similar photos of her new puppy, and she sent me a message wondering where we had gotten ours.

And sure 'nuf, her mother-in-law and my husband had gotten puppies from the exact same litter and those dogs ended up in our homes.

So today my little guy and I drove out to her place to get the girls together.  And they were instant best friends.  Who knows if they remembered each other or not, but they were gleeful to be in each other's presence.

LOVE this small world!!

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