Friday, July 25, 2014

Blank Canvas Dreams

As my big guy came out of his room today as I was putting a sealer on the hallway mural I did last month.

Me:  "Hey, you should let me paint your door."  I was seriously craving a new big painting project.

Big guy:  "Sure, you can paint it."  And then he went into the bathroom.

And my mind started whirling with excitement.  I never thought he'd say, "Yes."  I'll paint flowers!  No.  I'll paint skateboards!  Maybe.  I'll paint it all cool and graffiti style!  That's a fit.

Me:  "I'm so excited!  I'm thinking about colors.  What do you like?"

Big guy:  "White, mom.  You can only use white on my door."  And he went back into his room.


And then my husband, who is a most excellent co conspirator, pointed out that there are tons of different shades of white.

Hmmmmmmm, I just might be able to make this work!

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