Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Little Drippy

I got my hair cut today. It was awesome as always, but today there was an added bonus. I was in a chair by the front window of the salon and I tell you what, I was pretty much on exhibition. You know, like a fish in a fish bowl. Totally aware of this, I caught my reflection in the mirror, all drowned rat looking from my shampooing and oh, so pale from lack of sun exposure, and went, "Sigh...."

And then I was turned in the chair toward the window. A fella kindly gave me a thumbs up and several folks waved as they strolled by. I felt like I should've done a trick, a flip, jazz hands, something, but the kind folks of Austin had to settle for stationary, drippy, pasty me.

Love my super friendly and accepting town.

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