Thursday, December 4, 2014


I went to the main grocery store in my hood today after school.  It's the grocery store where I go to buy, for lack of a better word, crap.

Yes, there are things on our shopping list that the family wants but I can't find at my preferred stores.

Anyway, at this particular store, where I often feel thankful that there's security on the premises, I always find myself gifted with awesome/strange/beautiful happenings, and this afternoon was no exception.

- I saw a fella pick up what looked like a wallet and immediately take it to a lady who had just gotten in her car (bonus points because she is a friend of mine and we'd just chatted...though I hadn't noticed the dropped wallet).

- I saw a family posing for a photo in front of a display of toilet paper...on purpose!

- I saw a lady who was likely in her 70s with pink and gray hair...I want to be her when I grow up!

Good times!

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