Saturday, December 6, 2014

Holiday Traditions

Most years we make it down to the Trail of Lights and the Zilker Tree...after all, it's just a quick walk from our house. Last night we all went and happily my big guy's girlfriend joined us, too. What a lovely night of family tradition togetherness, right?

Well, here's how it went. My big guy and his girlfriend split off from us right away. I suppose to make the first night of a tradition for just the two of them. They graciously allowed me to take a quick photo of them know, so I could prove we were together at least briefly. Then Dave took out his camera and stopped about every 10 feet to take an amazing picture. It reminded me of how it was when we had a male dog and he needed to stop to pee every few feet.

The little guy and I had a quick chat and agreed that we should move on on our own and let Dave catch up.

So our group of five was now two. The kid and I walked and talked and he gifted me with a selfie or two. And then Dave found us. And then the big guy texted me. And all of a sudden it felt like all five of us were together again.

Holiday traditions evolve...bliss.

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