Saturday, December 20, 2014


My little guy, who is now sixteen, is growing up.

The last two days have been spent totally cleaning his bedroom. He got rid of so many things...basically an entire childhood's worth.

- almost all of the trophies he's won.
- his well loved and worn out Scooby and Shaggy.
- so, so, so many candy and other food wrappers.
- the DVDs he watched countless times.
- a small baseball glove and other sports equipment.
- the poster of "Uranus" he made in elementary school...still can't say "Uranus" without giggling.
- and one very shriveled apple core.

But thankfully the little kid is still in there because these happily remain.

- a big bin of Legos.
- a bin of Star Wars action figures (from my childhood).
- a poster with every imaginable super hero.

So glad he still embraces the little guy within.

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