Friday, December 19, 2014


The poor little guy gets blamed for everything!

...or at least his feet do.

I was in the car with him and freaked my freak because he took off his shoes. This is not allowed because his feet, well, stink. There, I said it. But off his shoes were and totally stinkified was my car. So I opened all the windows...and the smell got even worse. We must've been driving by where someone had dumped a bunch of maneur. Then the smell shifted to skunk. And up the windows went.

Then later that night I was cooking up a Kali style snack.

Dave: "Dude, your feet stink! Put your shoes back on."

Little guy: "It's not my feet!"

Me: "I'm cooking broccoli."

Little guy: "You guys need to leave my feet alone."

OK, so his feet were innocent in this case, but believe me, they have not lead the clean life.

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