Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Graffiti Love

I love graffiti. Not the mean spirited or the "I own this so I'm marking this" kind, but the kind communicating beauty, sadness, love, bliss, remorse, joy....

There are a number of places in Austin where graffiti is gifted and then after some time it's covered, sometimes by the city, sometimes by other graffiti artists, sometimes just by the elements of life itself. These are amazing living walls of reflection and sharing.

In the next few weeks I will dedicate a wall or door in my house to take on such a life.

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  1. You've got me looking at graffiti in a new way! What a sweet painting!!

    1. Thank you...and yay! When I was a kid my dad was really into trains so we'd often be around them, both the real ones and the model ones. I remember being in awe of the graffiti that was on the box cars. A lot of it was just the tagging kind of graffiti, but some were amazing/beautiful/funny. I'd sketch them. I think that was the beginning of my graffiti love. :-)