Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Wonder of Quilts

I painted this miniature quilt for a lovely friend of mine whom I've had the great pleasure of working with for the past eleven years. Lucky, lucky me!!! Oh, and she happens to also be a fabulous quilter.

But then, of course, my mind wanders as I gaze upon this wee little quilt. You see, I had a fabulous quilt experience just this morning. We had a washing machine mishap as I was about to leave for work this morning. Last night I'd cleaned out the little filter thing and I thought I'd gotten it completely back in...but the water rushing out of our laundry room told a completely different story.

I ran and got towels. I ran and woke up Dave. I ran and got more towels...and more towels...and more towels! And even with every bath towel we owned spread around on our floor, it was not enough.

So I ran and got two of our quilts. And those quilts had some super soaker soaking up power!

And then my mind wandered again and I thought, "Now I get why toilet paper is 'quilted'!"

...Yup, my early morning "aha" moment.

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