Monday, December 1, 2014

Tangled with Me

It finally happened.

One of my family members paid the price for scaring me. The thing is, my family loves to scare me.  They do it all the time. Hiding in the closet and jumping out at me...standing in the shower and yelling when I enter the dark bathroom...and standing right behind or beside me just waiting, waiting, to be noticed.

Well, poor Dave did the last of those just a couple nights ago, and I'd like to think he's lived to regret it. You see, it turns out that if someone comes up beside me while I've got my headphones on and I'm watching something scary on Netflix, and they just stand there super close waiting to be noticed, well, when I notice them I scream and start slapping them something silly.

Not my fault. I accept no responsibility. Though I do feel a bit guilty for the red hand print I left on him. But just a little bit.

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