Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cat Dog

So on the face of it I must say our dogs look confused, though when I really look at the situation I must conclude that they are brilliant.

Our old dog, Scout, who feigns deafness, blindness, and an extreme inability to move with any agility whatsoever, has convinced our young dog, Hazel, to work with her in a plot. Yes, a plot. While Hazel distracts us with her crazy irresistible cuteness, Scout ever so gingerly stands up so her front feet reach the pot stand, nudges the cat dish off of the edge, and when it clangs to the ground she goes right back to her deaf/blind/arthritic routine.

So what are we forced to do once this occurs and there's a cat food explosion in our kitchen? Well, we call our dogs over to clean up the mess...which they eagerly do.

Yup, they may look like dogs but they have the genius and appetite of cats.

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