Thursday, January 8, 2015

Chickens say, "No Problem!"

We've had freezing temps lately, mid 20s freezing temps last night. So of course I worried about my chickens. I lump them in the "pet" category rather than the "wild critter" category, and so I assume that they need to be brought inside to stay warm so they'll be spite of the articles I've read and the chicken owning friends of mine stating that they're fine left outside. But I was still super nervous last night as I was about to fall asleep.

Me: "I hope the chickens will be OK."

Dave: "They birds. They'll be fine just like all the other birds sleeping outside tonight."

Me: "Alright."

And by golly they did survive. Relief washed over me when I heard their cooing when I let the dogs and cats out this morning.

"No problem!" said the chickens.

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