Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Medusa and the Mermaid

The other day it was super windy, and my hair, that is hardly what one would call tame, was doing its very best Medusa impression...and it was doing a fantastic job of it, I must say. I walked into the gym and the guy by the card reader said, "I like your hair."

Me: "Um, thanks." And I did my best to tamp it down just a tad. And then it sprang right back.

I did my weights, I did my cardio, I did my ab work, and then I went into the bathroom to do my, well, you know. When I went to wash my hands a woman went to the other sink. Her hair was the most amazing turquoise blue and the most spectacular brilliant green. I was standing next to what surely must've been a mermaid who'd gained her legs.

Me: "I like your hair."

Awesome walking mermaid chick: "Thanks!"

Medusa and the mermaid...fabulous!

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