Friday, January 2, 2015

Ideas Flow

I'm super lucky to have a kid who is super flexible about allowing his mama's ideas to flow...even if they're flowing all over him.

Today my mom and her lovely boyfriend came over for a late Christmas celebration. As was the tradition each year when I was a kid, my mom brought out all sorts of ornament making supplies. Everyone sat down and diligently began creating ornaments.  Me?  Well, while I did not make an ornament, I did let my creativity flow.

I clipped sparkly bits in my little guy's hair. Then I stuck golden squares to his cheeks to create "freckles". Then I hung beads around his neck. Then I put a sparkly choker around his forehead.

I'm thankful for fun family events and for my awesomely flexible kid.

This painting is also an ideas flow kind of thing. I just did random strokes, then stared at it for a bit until things simply managed to appear. Such fun!

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