Saturday, January 24, 2015

How do you spell "Happy"?

There have been a rash of chess game requests at my house lately.

OK, to be totally honest, I don't like playing chess. I know how to play, I've known since I was a kid, but when I tune into my feelings...well, the inner me says, "uh-uh". I'm much more of a Scrabble girl. Now that game makes me feel good (almost every time).

But even though I made it perfectly clear to my family that I don't like the game, each of them managed to convince me to play them. So I did, under duress.

I played the big guy...I won.

Then I played Dave...I won.

Lastly the little got it, I won.

But this chess-winnin' girl just wanted to play Scrabble.

Me: "Will you play Scrabble with me?"

Little guy: "Sure."

And we played. And he won his first game ever against one of his parents. And I was so happy!

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