Saturday, January 17, 2015

For the Love of Oatmeal

Little known fact, at least a little known fact to me, chickens love oatmeal.

It's been hovering around freezing here lately and being the uber concerned chicken mom that I am, I did a wee bit of googling. I read that oatmeal is the perfect winter snack for chickens.

So I cooked up a batch. No salt, no brown sugar, no butter, no raisins...and cooled to room temp...bleck. But for those chickens it was the best breakfast ever!

Tomorrow, waffles!

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  1. Kali, it's no wonder you comment on my chicks! We seem to share a love of them. I know they oatmeal and mine also love cottage cheese!

    I love your sweet paintings. They are so expressive.

    1. Thanks, Phyllis! I do so love my girls...and now I must get some cottage cheese!

    2. I gave them cottage cheese today and they loved it!!!