Sunday, January 25, 2015

Our Amazing Coffee Community

This morning I opened the dishwasher and made a gruesome discovery.

Yes, Dave's French press had broken sometime during the night. Knowing that this tragedy simply couldn't go unmarked, I sketched out a quick tombstone and took a photo to comemerate the sad occasion. I then posted the photo on facebook. I expected a "like" or two, but the outpouring of support left me in awe of just how amazing the coffee community is.

Dave was offered condolences, he was provided with suggestions for a new one, and someone was even willing to give him a spare they had. But what truly touched my heart is that a lovely neighbor offered to loan us theirs right away so Dave could deal with what truly was an emergency situation.

Somehow Dave managed to gather his wits about him and get himself to the coffee shop this morning and then go to the store to purchase a better, more amazing and awesome French press. And while the French press he'd so loved just yesterday lay broken and discarded in the trash can, he made the most amazing cup of coffee ever.

R.I.P. old French were loved.

And this is how I "broke" the news to Dave about his beloved French press.

Am I an awesome wife or what?!?!

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