Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Mom's Advice is Rarely Heeded

I bribe my kids to get them to hang out with me.  It's a fact.  Just the other day I told my little guy that I'd buy him lunch at Chipotle if he'd walk there with me.  He negotiated on the walking bit, of course...and off we went, I walking and he riding his bike...I in a scarf, gloves, and two sweaters, he in a T-shirt and sweat pants even though I asked him twice if he wanted to dress more warmly.

And it was groovy.  He stayed right by me, conversed with me the entire way, ate his way-too-big burrito, and we started walking back.  The wind picked up a bit and suddenly he was riding closer to me.  Way too close.  And then he got behind me.  Right behind me.

Little guy:  "You need to eat a lot more, mom."

Me:  "Why?"

Little guy:  "Because you're a lousy windscreen."

Me:  "Wouldn't it be easier if you'd just worn a hoodie?"

Little guy:  "Why?  I'm fine."

I'm pretty sure that someday I'll be right. 

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