Friday, January 24, 2014

Hot Schnoz

I made a mistake today.  OK, it all starts with the fact that I love pickled jalepeños.  I mean I love them!  If they can even remotely go with a meal, I put 'em on my plate.  Yum!

Well today I was eating about a forth of a jar of these delicious little darlings.  I spilled a bit of juice on the table and, being the super tidy person I pretend to be, I wiped it up right quick with my tie dyed cloth napkin.

So all find and dandy...until I'm walking to the laundry room with said napkin and I decide to blow my nose.  Yup, got jalepeño juice all up in my nasal business.  I do believe smoke poured out of my mouth, nose and ears. 

But, hey, a little smoke out ears ain't gonna stop this jalepeño lovin' girl.  No way!

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