Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Monster at the Door

So the other day our kitten got the baheckadies scared out of him.  Really it should have been OK.  Really it should have been safe.  And really it was...but it seemed like it so wasn't.

You see, one of my little guy's friends was at the door.  He'd come to hang out.  But this kid is delightfully wonderful and quirky, and he showed up at the door with a big brimmed Chinese hat, large blue goggles, and wiggly, wiggly arms.  So when Dave opened the door while holding our sweet little kitten, the kitten caught sight of the monster at the door, dug all ten of his claws into Dave's back and shoulder (through his jacket) and took off running.

And then we laughed.  And then I did wound care on David's ouchies.  And then we made sure that the kitten's sweet little heart hadn't exploded out of its ribcage.  And then we laughed again.

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