Monday, January 27, 2014

Low Tech Customer Tracking

You know how there's pretty much no secrets any more.  Seems there's always some way that businesses find out the scoop about what you want and need, and many, many other things about our personal lives.  It's all so very high tech and all.

Well, turns out there's a very low tech method being used at a store here in town.  I was checking out at Trader Joe's and the lovely checker lady said, "You've been in California."

OK, creepy...creepy because it's totally true.

Checker lady:  "You've got California bags.  All except this one from Texas."

OK, not so creepy.  And actually, I rather liked it.  Nice having data collected by a real person with some delightful conversation to go with it.  All with no intention of trying to get even more money out of me.  Good stuff.  Well played, Trader Joe's.

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