Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mad Science - Parsons Style

We conducted an unintentional experiment the other night.  It froze here.  Down to about 27º.  And here's what the Parsons family the name of science, of course.  We did two things as an experiment to see what will freeze and what will not.

1. We left our plants outside.  We only have 3 because we happen to have conducted this same experiment in the past.

2. We left a case of Gatorade in the car.


1. Plants freeze.

2. Gatorade doesn't.

Not sure what we'll do with our results...except perhaps consider putting Gatorade in our radiators (Do cars even still have them or did they go the way of the carburetor?).  Somehow I don't think we've really learned our lesson about plants.

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