Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hunky Text Received

So I'm at the gym with Dave when I get a text from my kid.  Well, actually there was no text, it was just a what do you call that?

Anyway, I open the "text" and there was a photo of a hunky guy.  From just above his nose to just below his pockets.  Shirt off.  Nice pecs.  Nice biceps.  But, hey, why do I need to have this picture when I have my hunky husband right there with me to check out, right?  Right?

Me:  "Why?"

Little guy:  "I did a good job at least."

Me:  "But I had your super sexy dad to look at.  :-)"

So our workout continued, we left and went home, and then everything was completely explained.  So why did my kid send me a photo of a hunky dude?  Turns out it was a Photoshop project.  You see, said hunky dude was a bit of a Frankenstein's monster.  Nicolas Cage's head, Ryan Gosling's bod, Nicolas' mouth where a belly button should have been.

Yup, my husband is way sexier than that.

Click here to purchase this painting.

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