Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tension vs. Attention...We have a winner!

I got to climb one of those rock walls the other day.  It was at least thirty feet high...seemed like a hundred.  My kid set me up with the harness, hooked me up, and said, "Go!"

"Um..."  I looked up and there was a big section that jutted out that I'd have to figure out how to manage.

I unhooked myself, went over to the attendant guy.  "I'm new at this, which spot do you recommend?"  He took me to another wall that was flat.  Aside from all the grab nubbins, of course.  I could either be hooked up to a tension rope or one that he'd hold manually.  I went for tension because my gut told me that "tension" wins out over "expecting a human to pay attention" every time.

So up I went.  Along the way I noted that all the nubbins on this particular wall were elephant trunks and other such kid friendly grabs.  Yup, I'd been placed in the child section.  But I rocked that child wall all the way to the top.  And because I was feeling particularly gutsy I took that leap of faith, jumping out into the air, and floated my way down. 

And, oh yes I did play "We are the Champions" on my iPod...and I totally meant me.

This painting started as a bunch of blobs.  As I stared at the "blobs" two animals jumped out at I did my part and brought them to the front.  Pretty sure they're happy I did.

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