Monday, February 24, 2014

About to be cooped up...and so excited about it!!!

So we've got chickens in our future.  I was skeptical at first.  I love animals, really I do so very much.  But chickens?  They've never seemed particularly lovable to me.  And as animals we'd be welcoming into our lives, I really wanted them to fall into the lovable category.

Now, my experience with chickens is admittedly limited.  I've eaten them, sure.  I've had a male chick in my classroom briefly (we named him "nugget" if that gives you any idea of how much of a fan I was).  I've even seen them from a bit of a distance at friends' houses.  But I just wasn't feeling the love. 

Well, all that changed yesterday.  The kid and I were going into my dad's back yard when we heard some rustling.

Little guy:  "Hey, it's a their yard!"

Me:  "What?!?!"

Little guy:  "Look, a chicken."

And, by golly, there was, indeed, a chicken!

My little guy went upstairs to let them know and I set about figuring out just what to do about this lost chicken.  I followed it around.  It followed me around.  I reach out to touch it.  It scampered off.  I got in its path.  It let me touch its back.  I was officially starting to consider liking this sweet chicken.

I decided to be very brave and put my hands on both sides of it.  Everything was OK.  I decided to lift it a few inches off the ground.  Its legs dangled and everything was OK.  I decided to hold it close to me.  It settled right into the embrace.  I was officially starting to fall in like with this sweet chicken. 

I carried the chicken up to the house.  My kiddo walked out when he saw that holding the chicken was totally possible.  I handed him the chicken.  He held the chicken in a gentle hug...and then it pooped!!!  I was officially falling in love with this sweet chicken.

Jump forward a day and I'm sitting at the table and my husband and kid are designing a chicken coop for our back yard.  I'M SO EXCITED!!!!

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