Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Yin and the Yang

Lucky duck that I am, I get asked with some frequency to donate art to auctions that benefit various things I'm involved with.  I love doing them.  This particular one is for my little guy's karate team.

As I stared at this piece while I painted it, I thought about the bit of yin and yang that resides in me.  Well, tons of it, actually.  But I was thinking of myself as an "artist".  Or not an artist.  A title that, even after nearly 950 paintings under my belt, I still occasionally feel funny about using.

Am I enough to call myself an artist? 

Sure I love to play with art supplies.  Sure I'm crazy prolific.  And sure, I can sort of paint something that resembles the actual something that I was trying to make it look like.

Ya, I dunno....but what I do know is that nothing makes me happier than noticing that my laptop is covered in paint splatters (my wonderful husband is less thrilled than I), that there's always something colorful lingering under my fingernails, and that pretty much nothing is more exciting to me than showing my completed works to my family.  Seriously, this girl needs a way to display them on the fridge.

I suppose I just won't worry about a title and let my yin and yang work it out while I keep playing with paint.

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