Sunday, February 2, 2014

Forgetful? Crazy? Nope.

I have the feeling my family thinks I've entered "crazy old lady" status.  At least "forgetful old lady".  The thing is I seem to have a habit of asking for the same info over and over.  Things like, "Do you have wrestling practice tomorrow?" "Is karate happening tonight?" "Who did you say is coming over?"  And it's actually not that I don't remember, really it's not.  And I seriously doubt I'm crazy.  I'm simply distracted by all the stuff I'm up to...drawing, painting, and writing...oh, my!

In the car today I was told, "You need to not ask something unless you're absolutely, positively sure that you've never asked it before."  Um, if I had any inkling that I'd asked it before I wouldn't have asked it again.

So I'm self diagnosing myself as having "distracted old lady" status.  My family will be so relieved that I'm not crazy or forgetful.

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