Friday, February 7, 2014

Sometimes I Solve Mysteries even Better than Sherlock Holmes

I had a little scare yesterday.  I looked down and my hand was purplish blue.  Now, for a girl who found out a few years ago that she had a blood clot because her hand and arm were swollen and purplish-blue, this gave me definite pause.  I think I actually gasped.

So I ran through the regular questioning I do when I'm suspecting a clot.  Believe me, once you've had one, you're just a tad paranoid about getting one again.

- Is it purplish blue?  Yes.
- Is my hand swollen?  No.
- Are my veins poking out like crazy?  No.


And then I figured out the questions I should have been asking myself.

- Am I wearing brand new never-been-washed super-dark jeans?  Yes.
- Have I had my hand in my pocket?  Yes.

The Case of the Purplish Blue Hand...Solved!

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