Wednesday, February 5, 2014

He's a Basket Case

The new found freedom our kitten is experiencing is rocking his world...the back yard world that is.  Our kitten has been outside lately...a lot.  He loves it so much that if we walk out there he darts away because he just knows we're going to make him go back inside.  But we don't.  And he stays and he plays and our fingers and toes are double crossed that he pees and poos.

And after all his adventures when he finds himself tired, thirsty, and exhausted, he finally wants in. 

Does he come in and tell us all about his adventures?  No.
Does he want to follow us around to see what we're up to?  No.
Does he start up a game of tag with the dogs?  No.

Nope, he jumps up on the kitchen table (bad kitty), crawls into our basket of cloth napkins (bad kitty), and promptly falls asleep for a couple of hours (cutest kitty ever!)

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